Typography, Another Form of Creativity

Get Your Message Across

Advertising is reliant on several things that work together to get your message across to your audience. The text used is an additional avenue to be creative and is so much more than just words. The typography used in any form of advertising can draw your audience in or repel them in an instant. It is important to remember that the audience is flooded with advertising daily. To stand out from the competition, you really need to make an impact. Ensure that your typography forms part of the visual you want to create, one that packs a punch.

Using Typography is Print Advertising

Typography is an effective means of letting your audience know what they are reading right off the bat. It also allows the audience to identify the importance thereof. Typography in print advertising should appeal to the audience visually and influence how the presented information is processed. 

Using Typography Online

People use the internet to find the information they are looking for quickly and with ease. Typography plays a huge role in creating a memorable user experience. Use the 15 seconds you have to grab attention to your notable advantage. The use of headings allows the web designer to create a hierarchy and tie various elements together. The use of "headings" in written content plays a role in drawing the audience attention to important areas on the website and identifying keywords in any Google search. 

Elements of typography to take note of when piecing together any piece of content:

  • Font choice
  • Colour combinations
  • Hierarchy
  • Emphasis
  • Line Height

Typography Guidelines

Branding is paramount, and maintaining your brand appearance throughout all platforms is equally so. It is vital to ensure that you use the same typography regardless of the medium to perpetuate a consistent brand within the marketplace. Take the time to develop corporate identity guidelines. In doing, you encourage consistency and the opportunity to build a brand identity that is recognised. 

Whether using typography online or in print, the same guidelines and rules apply. Never let your text appear to be an afterthought. Your text is an integral part of creating the overall visual aspect you want to achieve and relay to your audience. 

Call your trusted team at Boss Link Marketing Solutions today to create a brand that is consistent throughout. Imagery, colours, theme and typography are all part of the master plan!


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