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Tricks of the Trade

The idea of putting written content on your website is to capture the audience attention and inform them of your goods, services, product, or knowledge. Remember that you only have a few minutes to draw your audience in and keep them on your website. Boss Link Marketing Solutions are effective when it comes to creating website content that engages. We are the best content creation company in South Africa.

If you are in the business, words and structure will come naturally. In reality, that is not always the case. As with any project, following guidelines will keep you on the right path to creating content that scintillates and captivates.

Do You Know Your Audience?

What you write and how you write should always be directed at the audience you want to engage. It is vital to determine your primary target audience and understand how the process of finding your website. While there are many ways for the audience to find your website, namely: social media sharing, links and emails, search engines are commonly used to search for a particular topic. Seriously consider search engines when writing your content. Content must be informative and well-written, but if not optimised for search engines, chances are your website will go unnoticed.

  • The “Inverted Pyramid”
    It only takes a few seconds for a reader to decide whether your website holds the information they want. Use the upside-down pyramid or inverted pyramid model to structure your content. The most important information is at the top. The supporting information falls below. In this way, your audience will immediately understand if they are in the right place. Use the top area of the page to make your impact and attract the attention of the audience. 

  • Simple and to the Point
    Keep in mind that most people browsing the internet are everyday people. Write so that they can understand. Short, simple sentences are most effective. Readers today have a limited attention span and lose interest quickly. Keep your sentences to 35 words and below. Easy-to-read content will reach a wider audience. Make use of a readability tool to help you achieve the desired results. Readability tools commonly use the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level model. The model determines whether 8th-grade students can easily understand your content which is considered the ideal situation. The best content creation company in South Africa, Boss Link Marketing Solutions, understands the grade level model and ensures that your content will reach far and wide.

  • Active or Passive?
    Always use active voice wherever possible. Active voice is more user or reader-friendly. It speaks directly to your audience.

  • Description
    Be as descriptive as you can so that you can “show” your audience your product or service. A general statement is less likely to allow the audience to “see” the product or service. A bonus of using descriptive content is the SEO benefits. The information will be specific and provide necessary information while also optimising content for search engines.

  • Say No to Jargon
    Remember that everyone uses the web. Steer clear of using technical jargon, niche terms or insider language without an explanation. Use hyperlinks to other articles which will help your audience understand your concepts more readily. Using understandable language helps portray the image that you are approachable and open to anyone.

  • Word Draw
    We all have favourite words that we like to use but, if you want to keep your audience engaged and interested, variety is the way to go. Use a thesaurus to find other words you can use that means the same as your old favourite. The only words that should remain consistent are your keywords or terms. The best content creation company in South Africa, Boss Link Marketing Solutions, understands the concept of using diversity in words while maintaining consistent keywords for maximum exposure.

  • Scannable Content
    Okay, so you have put all the impactful information at the top of the page. By doing so, will help readers access if this is the right website for them. There is more you can do to engage your audience. Write your content in a way that makes it easy for readers to scan through it to find what they seek. Use bullet lists, use your “white space” to your advantage and use headings to divide content into sections. Besides helping your readers navigate the information with ease, sub-headings also help search engines find your content.

  • Multi-Media Aids
    According to research, the human brain processes visual information must faster than it does text. Use this to your advantage by including graphs, graphics, and videos within your content. Images also perform the task of breaking up the text that makes it easier to read and digest. Boss Link, the best content creation company in South Africa, has a graphic design team ready to bring your content to life.

  • Layers and Links
    Make it easy for a ready to go between the pages on your website to get the information they need. Use hyperlinks on certain words or phrases to the relevant sections of your website and other relevant sources. Engage your audience with content and keep them browsing through your website. Internal links strengthen your SEO. Keep your links within a reasonable number. Too many links or hyperlinks can confuse the reader.

  • Wanting More
    Calls-to-action are a must!
    CTAs direct the reader to someone they should contact for more information, a video of interest, a related blog or even an e-book download. Using the call-to-action strategy, you easily direct readers to other areas of your website and give them something to talk about and share with their friends. Keep your CTAs short and impactful. Make sure that the redirects allow the reader to do what they should be able to.

    Dynamic website content is hard to achieve but, with the guidelines in place, it is attainable.

Are you struggling with words? Boss Link Marketing Solutions, the best content creation company in South Africa. When words fail you, we have you covered.

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