The Value of a Marketing Plan

Map Your Road to Success

Starting a business from scratch is probably one of the most challenging tasks you will take on. It requires guts, determination, planning and sheer luck in many instances. Never underestimate the value of proper planning throughout the process. Whether it is a business plan, a communication plan or a marketing plan, they all play a tremendous role in the direction your business takes.

Building Blocks

Marketing may seem to many a mundane task, however, the value of proper marketing is immeasurable to your business. The main problem lies in the fact that the concept of marketing is often misunderstood. Take time to properly access your business and ways in which you can “sell” it to your target audience. This is the essence of market research and the starting blocks to your marketing plan. A healthy marketing plan can put you ahead of your competitors in your industry.

On the Same Page

A marketing plan identifies your goals and your path to achieving them. By having a marketing plan laid out, you ensure that your team are all on the same page and striving towards the same finish line. By having properly identified goals your team will be able to operate in a more streamlined and efficient manner towards a common end.

Align With Your Visions and Goals

A documented marketing plan allows your team to be focused on specific areas or goals in unison which provides more streamlined and proactive processes. An effective business plan lays out the steps required to keep your business on track rather than encouraging a reactive environment.

New Opportunities

New opportunities arise all the time. Having a defined and detailed marketing plan in place allows you to effectively evaluate whether these opportunities are in line with that plan and the identified goals. Decisions regarding new opportunities can be made quickly rather than wasting precious time on something that doesn’t fit your future goals.


The ability to measure your progress is vital. Gauging accomplishments against your existing marketing plan and determining whether they are in line with the timeline is important when identifying changes that must be made in focus areas or to determine whether it is time to re-evaluate or rewrite your initial marketing plan.

The excitement of starting a new venture should never overshadow the very relevant building blocks to success. Take the necessary time to determine specific goals and plot the route to that destination. These foundations will set your business up for success.

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