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Tips to Creating a Memorable Hashtag

Social Media platforms have exploded globally. Social media platforms were once only a meeting place and a way to keep in touch with friends and family near and far. Recently the platforms have become the place to market your business due to the large number and diversity of visitors who frequent the platforms. Hashtags have become a viral trend on social media platforms and provide a simple way to target a specific audience. Properly curated hashtags are also the winning solution to an identifiable brand.

Hashtags are not a group of words strung together. They require a great deal of thought during the creation process to maximise exposure of your brand or product to the right audience.

  • Capital Letters
    It is vital to take steps to ensure that your hashtag stands out, even when a reader is skimming a page. Keep your hashtags short and capitalise the first letter of every word to improve readability. 

  • Don’t Generalise
    Using generic hashtags is no way to get noticed. To stand out, you need to use words that are specific to your product or service. Use hashtags not likely to be used in any other scenarios. Individualism and creativity could result in your brand taking ownership of any search for that hashtag or related hashtag.

  • Call To Action
    A call to action in any piece of content encourages user engagement, and your hashtag is no different. A hashtag that incorporates a call to action encourages original, reader-generated content. This content is invaluable to your brand marketing. 

  • Brand Name
    Including your company or brand name in your hashtag is effective in creating brand awareness. 

  • Products
    Generate some excitement around a new product or reignite interest in an existing one by including the product name in your hashtag.

  • Giveaways and Competitions
    Competitions and giveaways are a meaningful way to attract publicity and the eager eye of the audience. Incorporating a dedicated hashtag to any giveaway or competition creates awareness around your brand and encourages user interaction. Reader-generated content and brand awareness increase exponentially. Besides that, valuable, relevant content is always a positive result. 

  • Influencers
    Influencers play a phenomenal role on social media platforms. An influencer has a huge following that hangs on their every word. Imagine what such an influencer could do with your brand or campaign hashtag when let loose on social media? Team up with an influencer who is well-fitted to your product or brand, and the sky will be the limit.

  • Use Your Profiles Wisely
    Include your campaign hashtags on your company or brand’s social media profiles to increase visibility. You can take that a step further by making the hashtag clickable and taking the reader to search related and valuable audience generated content.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Boss Link Marketing Solutions can create and use a hashtag for your brand that will spread like wildfire. We are waiting to work magic with our words. 

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