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Whether you are writing a blog for the love of writing, putting your ideas out there, or writing with the desire to make money off it, your blogs require thought and planning. Regardless of how much you focus on technicalities, nothing can compete with well-thought-out content. The internet is full of content and blogs. The battle to stand out is not an easy one. You can take a few steps in the right direction.

Boss Link Marketing Solutions has a reputation as the best Digital Marketing company in South Africa. Our team will happily guide you in the right direction, offer our assistance and create meaningful content when you can’t. As the best Digital Marketing company in South Africa, we can create a content plan for your desired niche and provide you with the tools to pull it off.


Freewriting is a practice method that helps to get the creative juices flowing. Write down your thoughts and ideas without paying too much attention to logic, spelling, or grammar. Focus only on getting what’s in your mind onto paper or onto the screen. Don’t force yourself to come up with fantastic ideas but rather write what comes into your head. Freewriting is a mind-opening way to begin to articulate in writing what your mind is screaming.

Note It

If you have a creative bone in your body, you will understand that creativity strikes when you least expect it. Be ready to take notes whenever brilliance strikes. Make use of a note-taking App, keep pens and paper handy during the day and night. Take notes! You never know when something of brilliance is going to shine through. Of course, keep your doodling to ideas centred around your chosen blog niche.

Mind Maps

Mind maps are more than just scribbling on a page. Mind maps can shape your blogging style. With so much content and such a variety of blogs available online, it is easy to shape your style in line with one that isn’t natural to you and is not suited to your niche. Make use of the visual aspect of your mind map but incorporating colours. Jot down the ideas in no particular order. Go back and put these in order before you start to write. Using this technique will help you get all your ideas out there and determine which will be suited and which not.


Although you may not even realise it, every blog you publish leans toward a particular viewpoint. Do something different and try to identify the opinion you favour and write the opposing. If you aren’t comfortable writing the complete opposition, dissect and determine the differences between the two viewpoints and encourage engagement with your audience. While your audience has accepted your views over your past blogs, they may not always agree with them.

Visual Content

While writing is a creative and skilful way to get your ideas, thoughts and views out to the world, adding visual and auditory content is always a winner. Toy with image captions, share old photographs, create memes, or dabble with YouTube videos. Connect with your audience on a level that they enjoy.

There are so many fantastic ways to start your blogging career. Content never has to be dull, boring, or dated. Taking a controversial view on a topic may raise a few eyebrows, but it will pique interest.

If you are starting on your journey or are seasoned in your field but find yourself stuck in a rut, go back to basics. You create for the love of it. That is something you should never forget.

Writing or creating any form of content isn’t easy for everyone. While you may be the perfect wordsmith, you may not be able to grasp video editing or graphic design. We all have a place in the industry. Focus on what you are good at and leave the rest to Boss Link Marketing Solutions. Our team has an accumulated love for and knowledge of every area of content and marketing. We are ready to put your visions out to the world in a way that is engaging, illuminating and true to you, our client.

Contact Boss Link today and find out why we are the best Digital Marketing company in South Africa. When you are at a loss for words, Boss Link has them for you.

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