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A Day in the Life….

Marketing may appear to be all glamour, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears that go into the final product. The career is most certainly a rewarding one but don’t be disillusioned. Expect to work long hours at times, survive on very little sleep and suffer the frustrations of creative block. Okay, perhaps I might be putting a damper on your aspirations of becoming anything within the marketing field. The rewards of seeing your ideas brought to life far outweigh all the rest of it. The feeling of accomplishment is inexplicable. Boss Link Marketing Solutions, the best digital marketing company in South Africa, can tackle complex tasks for you, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of the finished product.

Copywriting or Blogging

Those in the marketing industry will understand the intricacies of what goes into any piece of written content. Finding a niche that speaks to you is the first step in successful writing. Having an interest in the topic will ensure that you enjoy researching and writing about it. Copywriting or blogging is much more than throwing some words together. Writing according to your target market is necessary if you want to attract the right readership. Keyword research is probably the most complex part of creating written content that gains traction in the market. It is an area that few who aren’t in the industry find relevant. The strength of your online presence relies on your content and how often readers view it.

Google is full of millions of different written pieces. How does Google know that your content matches a search? Keywords, of course! Keyword research is a task on its own and one worth getting to grips with if this is the career you want to pursue. Of course, writing is a creative art, but, in the marketing industry, there are still rules to be followed, especially where Google is concerned. Every content writer will know how often the slate is wiped clean, how many crumpled pieces of paper are discarded, and how many times you hit that delete button. Boss Link Marketing Solutions, the best digital marketing company in South Africa, has a team of professional wordsmiths on hand, and we know just how to say what you can’t.

Graphic Design

Bringing written content to life with images is an entirely different art form. Just because you are a wordsmith doesn’t necessarily mean you will take to graphic design like a duck to water. Graphic design is a skill that requires a good measure of natural flair and talent that is improved and increased through study, practise, and an extraordinary number of do-overs. You must understand what a client wants to depict, the message they want to relay, and which voice is ideal for the brand. Patience is a virtue for all graphic design professionals. You can rest assured that your client will always want to make tweaks, if not one, then many. Be prepared for that. In the end, the final image will be perfect and just what the client envisioned. The feeling of accomplishment is phenomenal.

A day in the life of a marketing professional is full of activities, some enjoyable and many not. The results make it all worthwhile.

Boss Link Marketing Solutions is the best digital marketing company in South Africa. Our team comprises professionals who all have their place in the greater scheme of things. We work diligently, efficiently and with great care and personal attention to detail to deliver what you need to boost your business.

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