Content, More Than Just Words

Content, the voice of your brand!

Everything today requires content creation in various forms. Content is not only written articles but also refers to videos and images. Content determines user engagement, services a distinct purpose and targets specific audiences. 

Creating content of any kind, whether written or visual, take time to perfect. If thinking of taking your content creation up a notch, you need to consider that good content will be worth what you pay for it. At Boss Link Marketing Solutions, we strive to create content that speaks to the audience on every level at a rate that won’t put you out of pocket. Let’s look at the many factors that might influence the cost of good content.

Good, engaging content takes time to achieve. It is important to remember the amount of time, creativity, and diligence are necessary to put your vision in words or images. Boss Link Marketing Solutions offers your company and vision a platform through engaging content that grabs the attention of your target audience.

Time is Valuable

If considering your hand at content creation and charging for it, you need to take care of your energies and health first. You will need these intact for peak performance and creating content that is worth paying for.


It is easy to become lost in your project. We have all experienced feelings of exhaustion but pushed on, to the detriment of the project in most instances. Every content creator has found themselves in that position, trying desperately to squeeze the final drops of creative juice from your body. 

Let’s be clear from that start. That is no way to treat any piece of content that you want to be your best and no way to treat your body, the creative source.  It’s time to lay boundaries. Set yourself a time to stop working and switch off every day. Set a reminder on your phone or an alarm on the clock to warn you 15 minutes before cut off. Stop working at the decided time! Relax and recharge your batteries for the following day’s work.

Take Frequent, Short Breaks

Frequent, short breaks or time blocking requires preparation and can help you keep on track and seeing progress on your project. The frequency and length of your rest periods will depend on you as an individual and is something that you need to determine yourself. Find a suitable schedule that works for you and allows you to create your best work. Taking the necessary breaks is as important as creativity to the work you produce.

Prioritise Your Daily Tasks

You can work all day until utterly exhausted and still not accomplish anything. Prioritise your tasks and determine at the beginning of each day what you want to finish. Use sticky notes as reminders. Select three actions and write them on that note. These tasks for the day are the priority. Stay focused on these tasks first before taking on anything else. 

Time and Energy

Your time and energy are not finite. These are resources Once you’ve fully embraced the idea that runs out. They are valuable to your creativity and the results. If you plan on generating an income from content creation, you must remember that you can only earn as much as your time and energy will allow, so use it wisely. Rest, replenish and rejuvenate when the time arrives. 

To effectively create winning content is no easy feat it requires dedication, training and experience. Boss Link Marketing Solutions is all of the above rolled into one. We understand the need for content that speaks and know how difficult it is to achieve on your own. Call us today to book an appointment to find out how we can expand your brand reach. We are the voice your company has been waiting for.

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